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Business Pool Concept is about joining same kind of businesses working in different regions under one umbrella. Nowadays it is very important to have IT support for your business but still not enough. You need to have growth strategy supported with a huge budged. You can always be assured that we will take utmost care about technical side of the business and the growth strategy becomes possible when local experiences and investments get united.

Business Pool concept works according to below principals:
  1. Partnership model (lifetime)
  2. You do local operation
  3. We do global operation
  4. Investment in your region (shared, equal)
  5. Profit or Loss (shared, equal)

1. Lifetime partnership

Why partnership is lifetime? First of all we strongly believe that local presence & experience can contribute a lot to the global business development. Second, the Business Pool concept is based on cumulative local experiences that are used in global growth strategy.

Partnership is done with legal entity. You must be a company with papers letting you to conduct the local tours and activities business.

2. You do local operation

In the beginning we need to mention that your operational expenses will not exceed the salary + local tax expenses of 3 employees with the volume of 1000 bookings per day.

You will get a software to manage every aspect of your business and all your efforts will be directed to:

  • Follow the quality of the activities
  • Create new activities
  • Follow & report about price changes in your region
  • Invite suppliers regularly to your location
  • Get better conditions and compliments for our customers
  • Deal with complaints
  • Care about image of the business in your region

3. We do global operation

We will provide you with Management Admin Panel and all your suppliers with Supplier Admin Panel where they will get their bookings and chat with customers.

Management Admin Panel lets you:

  • Manage all aspects of the cooperation with suppliers
  • View and manage all bookings in your region
  • View and manage all chat conversations of your suppliers
  • Manage all the work of your suppliers from your Admin Panel when needed
  • Use all Supplier Admin Panel's features

Supplier Admin Panel features

  • Manage pick-up times, delays and regular operational failures
  • Change activity dates
  • Create shared notes
  • Handle extra client requests
  • Send program updates directly to customer's app
  • Chat with customers after excursion is booked
  • and many more features that control supplier operation

Our global and local contributions to business

  • Constantly upgrade ivi Platform with additional functions
  • Update app with features that will provide better user experience
  • Create unique regional business solutions (Sometimes local business needs to operate different than general policy of the company)
  • Constantly upgrade your and supplier's admin panel for better operation
  • Create promotional materials, banners, landing pages, chat bots and other visual materials for local operation use
  • Create local and global marketing strategies and budgets
  • Prepare statistical reports of your operation

4. Investment in your region

We will consider as an investment that should be shared is marketing and promotions expenses made to get customers in your region. As mentioned up this is the one of the advantages of the Business Pool when client stays inside the company and other partners benefit from your contribution.

If we have gained one customer by investing in Facebook ads in Antalya, Phuket and Sharm El Sheikh partners probably will gain the same customer with zero cost during the next year. The same effect is valid for all partners of the Business Pool.

5. Profit share


Our business relationship is regulated by:
  • Global policy
  • Local operation policy (both described in the contract)
Your advantages
  • Tourists arrive with installed app (Get clients with zero cost)
  • Implement global business experience locally
  • Get support from other partners
  • No significant financial risks
Business Pool advantages
  • Your investment in each customer will be shared by all partners (and vise versa)
  • Implement local experience globally
  • Local presence add

Get in touch for more info about cooperation details and contract.

After signing agreement you will have access to your bookings and operational tools that will let you:
  • Manage pick-up times and delays
  • Change activity dates
  • Create shared notes
  • Handle extra client requests
  • Manage regular operational failures
  • Send program updates and other information directly to customer's app.
  • Chat with customers after excursion is booked
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