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After signing agreement you will have access to your bookings and operational tools that will let you:
  • Manage pick-up times and delays
  • Change activity dates
  • Create shared notes
  • Handle extra client requests
  • Manage regular operational failures
  • Send program updates and other information directly to customer's app.
  • Chat with customers after excursion is booked
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*** Excursion, tour, attraction or any other touristic service will be called "Activity"

Insert your net prices. Not commissionable rates.
Fill this field if you have extra transfer costs.
How many hours before the activity starts you would like to stop receiving bookings?
What is the number of "Units" that we can sell without getting confirmation from you?
How long before the activity starts customer can cancel without penalty?
What language is the activity in?
If the activity has few sessions per day like Quad Safari or Turkish bath, enter time for each session.
Try to write detailed program. All the spots, stops, attractions, actions, highlights, etc.
Please write in details. Transportation, Tea, Water, Lunch, Equipment, Fishing, Nursery, Drawing...
Mention optional and obligatory extra services during the activity that customers may or must pay for. Ex: photo and video made by photographer, beverages, entrance tickets etc...
Fill this field if you offer packages. For better understanding go to "individual Luxor" activity on "ivi application".
Ex: with high blood pressure, pregnant women, having back problems, with seasickness....
Ex: Passport, Swimming suite, Suntan cream, Water / Beverages, Lunch box, Money....
You didn't find where to mention your unique case above? Use the field below for all the rest.
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